We help companies simplify and improve their websites, applications and mobile experiences.

We’re passionate about solving complex user experience challenges.

We’ve helped some of the top brands in the world.

How We’re Different

Our Difference

  • We’re specialized

    We started Straight Line Theory in 2002 to focus exclusively on creating great digital experiences that are easy to use. Doing one thing well keeps us lean and sharp.

  • We understand business

    We’ve learned from working with Fortune 500 leaders, established brands and start-ups in retail, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare and technology.

  • Small team, big results

    Being small means you’ll work directly with talented information architects and usability experts who are passionate about what we do and invested in your success.

  • We cut steps, not corners

    Our streamlined approach gets you from idea to reality faster. We replace bloated documentation with focused, usable prototypes that can be evaluated and improved.

Meet Straight Line Theory

Our Team

We’re a highly-skilled team of experienced UX professionals. We thrill at the challenge of turning complex business problems into simple, elegant solutions. We love to sketch, prototype, and explore what’s possible. Whether your goal is to boost sales or improve customer satisfaction, we can help.

  • Andrew Benson

    Andrew Benson

  • John Dusek

    Heather Lindholm

  • Jay Mathews

    Jay Mathews

  • Laura Horan

    Laura Horan

  • Roy Neal

    Roy Neal

  • John Dusek

    John Dusek